Pulp, Paper & Wood Products Industry

Significant Depth of Industry Knowledge

As a percent of revenue, there are probably few environmental consulting and engineering companies that do more work on wood-treating sites than us.

We know them, we know the constituents, we understand the processes, we know how to remediate them and help get those sites from “a mess” to sites ready for redevelopment. We have implemented cost-effective OM&M programs, designed innovative and standard approaches to remediating soil and groundwater, removed creosote from creeks, installed sheet-pile walls, designed groundwater treatment systems to handle creosote-related constituents, optimized existing treatment systems, and have even employed phytoremediation approaches to help clean up wood-treating sites. We know creosote, we know CCA, and because of that experience we know how to navigate the regulatory process under all the state and Federal programs.

  • Site Characterization/ Investigation

  • Groundwater, Soil, Surface Water & Sediment Sampling

  • Comprehensive OM&M Services

  • Risk Assessment

  • Remedial Design & Implementation

  • Storm Water Management

  • Remedial Design & Implementation

  • In-situ/Ex-situ Soil/Groundwater/Sediment Remediation

  • Site Remediation Planning & Management

  • NPDES Permitting

  • RCRA Permitting

  • Risk-based Closure

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