Vapor Intrusion

Experts in the Field

Our EarthCon Vapor Intrusion team has experience in assisting our clients to understand the common and not-so-common issues related to the potential for vapor intrusion and developing solutions that satisfy regulators and protect human health.

The EarthCon Vapor Intrusion team is led by an ITRC trainer who was part of the ITRC team that developed the guidance document Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline released in January 2007 and was also co-author of the Petroleum Vapor Intrusion: Fundamentals of Screening, Investigation, and Management web-based guidance document released in October 2014. With our experience and credentials, EarthCon is your best resource to ensure that your site is fully addressed to the extent necessary and that any recommendations will be defensible and consistent with all state and federal requirements.  Our Engineering team is prepared and ready to assist you with any vapor intrusion challenge you may face.

Source Area Investigation

Soil Gas Assessment

Sub-Slab Soil Gas Assessment

Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

Mitigation System Design and Installation

Source Area Remediation Design and Implementation

Vapor Intrusion Modeling

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