Groundwater Plume Analytics®

Powerful, Innovative, and Proprietary Data Analytics Tools

Innovative, unique, powerful…those are just some of the words used to describe our one-of-a-kind Groundwater Plume Analytics® tools.

Our Groundwater Plume Analytics® tools take simple or complex numerical data sets and process them into meaningful and easy-to-understand graphical data outputs (i.e. analytics).  These innovative and proprietary methodologies have been used by governmental agencies and industrial clients to better understand groundwater plume behavior.  The tools include the Ricker Method® plume stability analysis to assess groundwater plume stability; the US-patented Remediation System Benefit Analysis™ to evaluate whether your plume is shrinking because of or despite a remediation system; the patent-pending Spatial-Change Indicator™ which graphically displays areas of the plume that may be attenuating, sourcing, or comingling; and the patent-pending Well Sufficiency Analysis™ which evaluates how many monitoring wells you can remove while continuing to maintain plume analysis integrity.  There are a number of other tools available, all with the goal of providing the user with value-added, scientifically-defensible, easy-to-understand results….and a better understanding of what is really going on within a groundwater plume. 

  • Spatial Change Indicator™ Analysis (Pat. Pend.)

  • Well Sufficiency Analysis (Pat. Pend.)

  • LNAPL Removal Benefit Analysis (LRBA)

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