Oil + Gas Industry

Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Support

EarthCon provides environmental consulting and engineering services on all types of oil and gas facilities such as production sites, refineries, pipelines, terminals, and retail fueling stations.

One of our largest client sectors is the oil and gas industry. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to solve environmental challenges through creative thinking and recognition of our client’s needs. Developing strong relationships with our clients and putting ourselves in their shoes, allows EarthCon to see the projects from the client’s perspective as well as the perspective of other stakeholders such as regulatory agencies.

In addition to providing environmental services such as soil and ground water assessment and remediation; operation and maintenance of recovery systems; EHS compliance and permitting; and engineering and design; EarthCon also understands the complexity of working in a refinery and other oil and gas related sites. We understand that health and safety of the workers is our highest priority. Our team members are trained with the required credentials to confidently work within large industrial sites and our company holds the required certifications and insurance so you have peace of mind that we will operate safely at your facility.

  • Benzene Fence Line Monitoring

  • Detailed Groundwater Plume Analysis & Groundwater Modeling

  • Due-Diligence Environmental Assessments

  • Environmental Permitting - including Hazardous Waste Permit Applications and Modifications

  • Groundwater Recovery System Operations & Reporting

  • Health and Safety Plans

  • Landfill Design, Monitoring, Closure, and Post Closure Care

  • Land Treatment Unit Maintenance, Sampling, and Reporting

  • LNAPL Investigation and Recovery

  • NESHAP QQQ, FF and BWON Inspections and Sampling

  • Operation and Maintenance Plans

  • Pond and Lagoon Closures and Post Closure Care

  • Pump and Treat System Designs

  • Property Acquisition, Facility Acquisition, and M&A-Related Due Diligence

  • RCRA Facility Assessments

  • Risk Analysis

  • Semi-annual Groundwater Sampling and Site Summary Reporting

  • Soil and Groundwater Investigations

  • Soil Management Plans

  • SPCC Plans, Inspections, and Certifications

  • Storm Water Drainage Designs


  • Tank and Piping Spill Investigation, Reporting and Cleanup

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