We Know the Industry

We have developed a unique niche serving the mining industry and helping them with their environmental needs.

EarthCon’s services to the mining industry include planning, engineering, compliance, industrial hygiene, and remediation. Particular highlights include conducting detailed waste characterization and mine waste management plan development in accordance with state and federal regulations, including the Bevill Exclusion for Mining Wastes; working with mine personnel to develop innovative waste identification tools and clean closure strategies for surface spills, impoundments, and petroleum contaminated Soil; preparation of plans and specifications for units that integrate into existing systems and work in the real world; evaluating industrial hazards such as noise and respirable silica to assist mine operators in preparation of hearing conservation and respiratory protection programs; and preparing compliance documents, such as SPCC Plans and SWPPPs that are streamlined, compact, and easy to use, if emergency situations arise.

  • Waste Characterization

  • Mine Waste Management Plan Development

  • Unit Integration Plan and Specification Preparation for Existing Systems

  • Industrial Hazard Evaluation

  • Innovative Waste Identification Tools and Clean Closure Strategies for:

    •  Surface Spills

    •  Impoundments

    •  Petroleum Contaminated Soil

  • Preparation of SPCC Plans and SWPPP

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