Brainstorming Practical Solutions

EarthCon does not accept the status quo approach to solving environmental challenges. There is always a better way things can be done.

EarthCon takes great pride in our ability to come up with innovative approaches to the environmental challenges our clients face every day. Our professional team thrives in our ability to brainstorm a solution that meets our client’s needs. In the last several years we have obtained a US Patent on a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of groundwater remediation systems and have several other very innovative and unique groundwater analytics tools that are patent-pending. We have coined the term Groundwater Plume Analytics®. The author of the Ricker Method® plume stability analysis is part of our innovation team. Our engineering team has designed a number of innovative solutions including a steep-sloped landfill cap using “artificial turf.” These are but a small sampling of our innovative thinking. If you have an environmental challenge, we would love to solve that problem for you.

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