Environmental Forensics



The answer may determine the allocation of millions of dollars in litigation or insurance settlements. With that much money on the line, it is important to have a clear understanding of the existing data. Our Groundwater Plume Analytics® tools take simple or complex data sets and process them into meaningful and easy-to-understand graphical data outputs (i.e. analytics). These scientifically defensible outputs greatly assist attorneys, insurance companies, and industrial clients in better understanding their potential liability. 

EarthCon’s Environmental Forensics team is well-equipped to answer the difficult questions when it comes to plume behavior, sourcing, co-mingling, age of release determinations, and other litigation-related questions.  Our experts have access to innovative Environmental Forensics tools such as the Ricker Method® Plume stability Analysis, which evaluates whether a groundwater plume is growing, shrinking or moving offsite; the Ricker Method® Transect Analysis, which is a new way to assess how much contamination may be moving off site; the Ricker Method® Spatial-Change Indicator™ (Pat. Pend.) which is a powerful tool used to identify areas of potential sourcing, evaluate plume migration, evaluate remedial system performance, provide evidence of attenuation, and may other powerful interpretations of plume behavior; and the Ricker Method® Molar Ratio Analysis which helps determine age of releases, number of releases, evidence of co-mingling or multiple sourcing, contaminant flow, attenuation rates and much more. 

Our Environmental Forensics experts are available to assist you in your litigation or cost-recovery needs.

  • Litigation Support/Strategy

  • Mediation

  • Third Party Peer-Review

  • Cost Recovery

  • Conceptual Site Models

  • Presentations

  • Public Meeting Support

  • Cost-Recovery Assistance

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