Dredge Material Evaluation

helping keep our ports open

Our Dredge Material Evaluation team is always looking to partner with quality dredging companies and ports of call to make sure the dredging project is done the right way.

The EarthCon Dredge Material Evaluation team is well-versed in the proper sediment evaluation processes required of any dredging project. We do the sample planning, sample collection, reporting, and also evaluate material disposition alternatives. All of this work is done in accordance with USACE guidance protocol. Our technical staff is 40-hr OSHA and TWIC certified to allow for smooth access to maritime facilities.

  • Sample Planning: USACE Guidance for Sampling and Analysis Plans

    • Approach
    • Project Description and Summary
    • Sample Location Selection
    • Sample Types (Water, Sediment, Elutriate)
    • Chemical and Physical Parameters and Methods
    • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
    • Deliverables
    • Dredge Material Disposal Area Evaluation
  • Sample Collection and Reporting

    • Health and Safety Plans (HASP)
    • Experienced drilling and laboratory teams
    • Drilling contractors with experience in land and barge mounted drilling, Ponar, and drop-tube sampling
    • Analytical laboratory testing with demonstrated analytical acceptance and NELAP certification
    • Project reporting compliant with USACE Guidance

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