Earth Consulting Group, Inc.® Site Services

It’s All About Helping You Drive Down Costs and Maintain Compliance.

At EarthCon we provide a business approach to help you address the full spectrum of your site management challenges.  How?  We bring together seasoned technicians who love what they do and have the ability to think on their feet. And, we team them with professional site managers who act as your eyes and ears to address your compliance and financial responsibilities. Together, they work to help you drive down costs, reduce environmental obligations, maintain compliance and work toward closure.

AN IDEAL FIT.  EarthCon’s Site Services are an ideal fit for environmental remediation sites, active or inactive landfills, UST sites, treatment systems and other projects that require operational, maintenance and monitoring attention. The services can be tailored to meet all, or part, of the operational responsibilities and management duties associated with your sites.


  • Site Management Program (SMP) offers one-stop proprietary Operations & Maintenance Tools with a 100% focus on Active and Legacy Site Portfolio Management from managing expenses and contractors to providing O&M services, sampling, and beyond.
  • Remediation Systems Program, for sites that require the installation, operation and maintenance of remediation systems.
  • Or, simply enhance your staff with just the site services you need – Field Services, or Operations and Maintenance.

EarthCon can also help you:

  • Complete Regulatory reporting
  • Staff Sites (full or part time)
  • Perform sampling and inspections
  • Manage and pay all utility bills and site expenses
  • Screen all subcontractors

Want the Proof? Take a look at our Business Solutions, or call us toll free at 1-866-450-2169 and we will be happy to demonstrate how we can help you start saving time and money.