engineering innovative solutions

The EarthCon engineering team is prepared to engineer a solution that meets your project goals and objectives.

Our team has a portfolio of experience working with clients to address needs such as storm-water design, landfill design/repair, ash pond closure, transfer station design, and any other environmental engineering needs that you may have.

  • Civil Engineering

    »   Roadway Design

    »   Stormwater Design

    »   Structure Design

    »   Tank Design

  • Environmental Engineering

    »  Hazardous Waste Impoundment Closures

    »  Lagoon Closures

    »  Waste Analyses Plans

    »  Waste Treatability

  • Geotechnical Engineering

    »  Barrier Containment Walls

    »  Foundation Design

    »  Pavement Design

    »  Retaining Walls

    » Slope Stability

  • Solid Waste Engineering

    »  Deep Well Injection

    »  Landfill Design & Permitting

    »  Landfill Gas to Energy

    »  Leachate Evaluation + Minimization

    »  Solid Waste Transfer Stations

    »  Waste Analyses, Treatment + Processing

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