Steve Diamond's Mission Trip to Uganda

June 2018

uganda mission trip

Steve and Cameron with Coach Oscar and their 12 kid team, which were known as the Azul Engos (“Blue Tigers”).

This summer, Steve Diamond, from our Atlanta office, and his 14-year-old son, Cameron, traveled on their first mission trip to Uganda in East Africa. The mission trip ministry, Champions United FC, focuses on mentoring the children and building the next generation of Ugandan Leaders in the village of Kavule. The mission was simple, lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by loving and serving one another. Steve and his son spent time at an orphanage that housed over 200 children. While there, they played school yard games and taught a 6th grade class about protecting the environment and natural resources. They also visited a 100-year old public school with over 900 children. They cleaned and reconditioned several of the concrete-constructed chalk boards. Since the highest school dropout rates occur between 6th and 7th grade, Steve and his son met with students at the public school to encourage them to stay in school and to never give up on their dreams. Afterwards, they continued to encourage 90 children by facilitating a 2-day church camp (field day) and assisting onsite Ugandan coaches with skits and sharing bible scriptures about “the Good Samaritan” and “the Prodigal Son.” On the final day, Steve and his son met and served a single mom of three elementary aged kids by providing food, cutting the overgrown vegetation, picking up waste, and fetching water from a spring located a quarter of a mile away from their room. Steve said that he and his son were blessed to have the opportunity to serve in Uganda and at the same time, grateful for the blessings received in the USA. Steve and his son hope to return one day to share more memories with their new friends.