EarthCon Sponsors Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF)

EarthCon is pleased to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF). SURF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the overall environmental, societal, and economic benefits of the environmental site cleanup process by:

  • Advancing the science and application of sustainable remediation
  • Developing best practices
  • Exchanging professional knowledge
  • Providing education and outreach

SURF promotes the use of sustainable practices during the investigation, construction, remediation, redevelopment, and monitoring of contaminated sites, with the objective of balancing economic viability, conserving natural resources and biodiversity, and enhancing the quality of life in surrounding communities. SURF’s commitment: “Clean up contamination without creating more pollution in the process.”

We look forward to our contribution to SURF and employing sustainable practices in our work. Additionally, EarthCon will be represented by Joe Ricker at the upcoming SURF meeting held in conjunction with the AEHS West Coast Conference meetings on March 17, 2020. To learn more about SURF, please visit Click the logo below to visit their website.

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