EarthCon Employees Receive their Second Groundwater Plume Analytics® Patent!

EarthCon is very proud to announce that three employees were recently awarded a patent (US Patent No. 10,304,223) for their Groundwater Plume Analytics® Well Sufficiency Analysis™ (WSA) process.

WSA was developed to help clients evaluate their groundwater monitoring well networks to assess the number of wells needed to monitor groundwater plume behavior with a focus on reducing the monitoring well network and sampling frequency.  WSA was implemented at a number of client sites during the patent process and has resulted in literally millions of dollars of cost savings for clients. WSA is just one more tool used by EarthCon that has been developed to help clients reduce their overall Operations, Maintenance & Monitoring (OM&M) spending, better understand groundwater plume behavior, and better evaluate remediation progress and costs.

We congratulate Joe Ricker and Tim Goist for their second Plume Analytics® patent and David Winchell on his first. Another Plume Analytics® product is currently in patent review, and the team continues to innovate. Stay tuned!

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