David Winchell New Memphis Office Diamond Leader

EarthCon is pleased to announce the promotion of David Winchell as the new Diamond Leader for our Memphis operations. David joined EarthCon four years ago after serving as an aviation officer (Captain) in the US Army performing 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan as a Detachment Commander and Operations Officer. Since that time, David has carried his leadership skills to EarthCon. David has been instrumental in the development of our unique and innovative Groundwater Plume Analytics® tools and has been the Department Leader for the Plume Analytics® group run out of Memphis. Over the last several years, David has worked


under the mentorship of Norm Kennel as he prepared for this role. We are excited to expand David’s leadership role within EarthCon and look forward to his continued career advancement. We also thank David for his courageous service to our country. Additional thanks goes to Norm Kennel for his continued national leadership, vision, and continued mentorship to many EarthCon employees.

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