Championship Game Set for EarthCon’s Atlanta Office’s 2019 Bean Bag Toss Extravaganza!

For the past few months, EarthCon’s Atlanta office has been competing in the "2019 Bean Bag Toss Extravaganza,” an office-wide game of cornhole. Everyone participating has enjoyed being able to get outside for some friendly competition. Today, we are excited to announce that the Championship game is officially set! Tim Goist and Kevin Tierney are competing against Mary Ann Brookshire and Alison Levinson. The stakes are high in this double-elimination tournament. If Kevin and Tim lose the first game, they play Mary Ann and Alison again for the championship title. But if they win the first game, they are the champs. Stay tuned for when we announce the winners!

Below are pictures of the most recent brackets as well as Earl Scott and Shanna Alexander competing against Alison Levinson and Mary Ann Brookshire.

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