Who We Are

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Environmental Consulting and Engineering

Environmental consulting and engineering is our profession, not a side-business. Our technical personnel are trained to understand the environmental problems you face. Developing cost-effective solutions for your company’s challenges is our main focus and ingrained in the culture of the company.

Business Solutions

EarthCon’s dedication to our client’s needs, combined with our innovative products, allows us to provide excellent technical service and sensible business solutions that create an opportunity for exceptional cost savings and value.

Technical Innovation

Our commitment to innovation is manifested in the unique and proprietary technology created by our personnel, including the Ricker Plume Stability Method®, the patented Remediation System Benefit Analysis (RSBA®) (US Patent No. 9,299,038), Ricker Method® Well Sufficiency Analysis™ (US Patent No. 10,304,223), Ricker Method® Spatial-Change Indicator™ (U.S. Pat. No. 10,400,583), LNAPL Removal Benefit Analysis (LRBA) (Patent Pending), and the Landfill Leachate Evaluation Program. These and other methods provide our clients with the opportunity to significantly reduce their long term environmental costs.