A Real Difference

In 1998, after working successfully for other national consulting firms for more than 15 years, our founder and CEO, Earl Scott, recognized a need for a different type of environmental consultant – one that goes against the grain of traditional thinking and focuses on business solutions. Soon after, he was joined by his partner Dr. Shawn Severn, who shared a passion for business-oriented solutions to environmental challenges.

Today, what continues to fuel EarthCon's different technical approach is innovative thinking. Some examples include the Ricker Method® of assessing plume stability, the patent-pending Remediation System Benefit Analysis (RSBA®) and the patent-pending LNAPL Removal Benefit Analysis. All three are designed to help you allocate reserves, manage resources, improve system performance and when applicable achieve closure.

With annual revenues of approximately $20MM, EarthCon is listed in ENR’s Top 200 Environmental Firms in the US, and is an ISNetworld® Member Contractor. The company continues to provide business-oriented solutions to the industrial, commercial and public sectors through 30+ locations across North America.

We invite you to read about the perspective our Leaders' bring to the industry, along with their vision for the future.