1,000 Days Since EarthCon’s Last OSHA Recordable


We are thrilled to announce that EarthCon has officially reached 1000 days with zero recordable injuries! That’s 468,752 safe work hours across the company. This incredible achievement is a testament to the value of our active safety culture and everyone’s safety mindset. We are so proud of every member of our staff—we couldn’t have reached this record without their continued dedication and safety-conscious work ethic.

“In my 32 plus years in the industry, this safety achievement is at the top of the list as far as my most proud moments.  This is because every single employee over the last 1,000 days contributed to this accomplishment.  This wasn’t an accomplishment of a few, or even the many, but the accomplishment of all!  It is so gratifying to say that not only do we do excellent technical work, but we do it safely.  It is a testament to every employee and our dedicated internal health and safety team for all of their hard work and dedication.  Congratulations to the EarthCon family for achieving this impressive milestone!” – Timothy Goist, President – EarthCon

“I’m very proud to be involved with EarthCon’s safety team.  At EarthCon, the safety team is actually everyone who works at EarthCon.  The company and client safety programs, documents, and checklists are merely a lens for our employee’s safety focus.  The extent to which everyone has embraced safe work practices in the field, as well as in the office, and presumably in their travels and homes, is unprecedented in my over 40 years of environmental consulting and a tribute to each of them.  I congratulate and thank them all!” – Doug Seely, EarthCon H&S Manager

Thank you and congratulations to each of our employees! Keep up the safe work!

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